While trekking through Mexico, I became interested in the pyramids and the ancient civilizations that abound in every direction, and in every corner of the country. A friend suggested that I travel to Tula in the state of Hidalgo, only about an hour outside of Mexico City. He said there were monoliths there. I had never seen a monolith. My imagination began to run away with me. I decided I had to go. I wasn't expecting much because I had read that much of the location had been destroyed after the Toltecs left, about 1146 a.d. Tula had been settled shortly after the magnificent Teotechuacan in about 950 A.D. When I arrived, it seemed like any other site in Mexico, a museum and gift shop near the entrance. Then a trail you follow, about a mile walk through the trees and cactus. Suddenly there is a small but steep pyramid, about 3 or 4 stories high. From a distance one notices some vertical structures similar to tree trunks. Upon closer observation, they are giant monoliths. Over 18 feet tall. Solid stone carvings similar to totem poles. Faces beautifully carved into solid stone! From head to feet, complete. How did they do it. What was the meaning here? To me it was obvious that these were the Gds that the Toltecs worshiped. Once at the top, I basked in the glory of an age that was over 1000 years old. I imagined myself in the time they were living here. I wondered how they created the structures and how long it took. These are many mysteries that have never been answered, and won't be, at least not now. These are people who lived life and death everyday. They participated in human sacrifice and were known to remove the beating heart of an unfortunate victim and offer it as the symbol of life and the sacrifice to the Gods. It seemed like an unbelievable and mythical time. Seeing the remnants of their culture still standing and their awe inspiring monoliths, keeps me guessing and wondering. Even today we have many human sacrifices. We still fight wars, senselessly. A question that requires contemplation comes to mind.

Have we evolved or regressed ?