NOW Also Shooting in TRUE 3D.

Life and Filmmaking go hand in hand.

One is real and one allows you to keep perspective on the other.

A good filmmaker knows every element and every aspect of the production to create one complete experience.

Over 20 years professional experience.

Create beautiful and thought provoking images and stories.

Recreating film in 3D.

All mediums, all things possible.

Features, Documentaries, Television.

Working in over 20 Countries.

Totally enjoying learning and growing with all kinds of people.

Have Never Gone Over Budget

All formats (3D,35mm,16mm, HD, Digital). Experience includes; Conceptualizing with clients, writing, budgeting, and overseeing all aspects of direction and photography, hiring and overseeing crew, and equipment required specifically necessary for each job, utilizing state of the art, cost saving techniques. In addition, supervising editing, music, voice over, final mastering, and distribution.

Past Features (camera) ;

Places In The Heart- Alligator- Beastmaster- RoboCop- The End of August- Murder In Munich- Hollywood Strangler- Paramedics- Tiger's Tale- Fear - That Was Then, This Is Now- The Macabre- We're All Crazy Now ...

Past Commercial Clients;

Pearle Vision- Ford- Kelloggs- Exxon- American Cancer Society- Fidelity Investments- Minute Maid- Brunswick- Remy Martin Cognac- Levi's- 1-800-Dentist - Renault Turbo...

Worked with: Charlton Heston, Morgan Freeman, Francis Coppola, Sally Field,

Willie Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Ann Margaret, Danny Glover, Kim Delaney, Gloria Estefan, many others...

Education: 1974-1976 SKYLINE CDC - 1st Magnet Arts Film School. Honor Graduate.

Experimental film school - Complete Production Center - Studio and Lab

Guest Artist at UCLA and American Film Institute

Areas of Specialty;



Chef-Painter-Harmonica Player-Collector-Cars-Movie History